National Essay Contest for students organized by the Plant Biotechnology Information Center (PBIC) of Agrobioinstitute, Bulgaria

In the frames of our work on STARBIOS2 project and for the third time in a row, in February-March 2020 PBIC organized National Essay Contest for young people. This year, the topic of the Contest was “Climate is changing! And me?”

We received 234 essays from the 3 groups of students – 54 from secondary schools; 120 – from high schools and 54 – from university and PhD students. We received essays from 53 cities and towns all over Bulgaria and for the first time – from Bulgarians studying in Italy, Spain, Cyprus and The Netherlands!

The hot topic of climate change was elaborated in details by many of the participants. But much more interesting was the personal attitude of the young people towards the problem. They showed readiness and enthusiasm not only to “think globally” but to “act locally” to improve the environment of our planet starting from their own home, backyard, school, town and country…

And more important – to do their best, to convince their families and friends to join them in their efforts.

The essays of the winners (in Bulgarian) are already uploaded on the . Unfortunately, there will be no Official Award Ceremony this year, due to the COVID-19 quarantine! However, the winners will receive their awards soon properly.


The PBIC team thanks to all participants, their teachers, tutors and parents for the record number of essays and for the very positive response!

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