European Researchers’ Night 2017


Date: 29.09.2017

Time: 17-22h

Venue: Agrobioinstitute, 8 bul. Dragan Tzankov, Sofia, Bulgaria

Topic: Plants-biodiversity and use

You can meet scientists from:

  • Agrobioinstitute (ABI), Sofia, Agricultural Academy
  • Institute of cryobiology and food technology (ICFT), Sofia, Academy
  • Institute of ornamental plants (IOP), Negovan, Agricultural Academy
  • Biological faculty(BF), Sofia University


  • Scientific presentations for plants, ABI, Sofia
  • Scientific presentations for phytopathogens, ABI, Sofia
  • Hands-on experiments-with scientists from ABI, ICFT, students from BF, SU
  • Plant products for human health, ICFT, Sofia
  • Flower exhibition and market, IOP, Negovan
  • Planting of seedlings of valuable plant species, ABI, Sofia
  • Art workshops for children-ABI, Sofia
  • Photo-, video- and art-contests, ABI, Sofia
  • Guided tours to laboratory premisses of ABI and Joint Genomic Center of BF
  • Quizz for plants biodiversity and use

Free of charge entrance!!!

So be there! To become a scientist for one day, to participate in scientific activities and, above all, to have fun!

Project “FRESH” for European Researchers’ Night is supported by EC on Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

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