Bulgarian tomato with high content of beta-carotene extremely suitable for organic farming

Under partnership between Agrobioinstitute, Sofia and the bio-farm Amitica Ltd, Kresna, the Bulgarian tomato cultivar Pako Orange was grown successfully under organic conditions. The first bio-seeds were produced. Production of bio-juices and bio-purees from tomato Paco Orange are planned.
Tomato cultivar Pako-Orange was developed by methods of classical plant breeding-interspecies hybridization between L. еsculentum and the wild type L. pimpinellifolium f. Galapagos by the team of AgroBioinstitute (patent number 10314).
Under good growth conditions and enough sunny hours the level of beta-carotene could reach 10-15mg for 100g fresh weight, which is close to beta-carotene content in the carrots.
The cultivar is middle early with yield of 6 tones per dka. The fruits are intensive orange in color, oval shaped, with a weight of 100 – 150g. , rich in vitamin C and sugars.
Paco Orange has long shelf life and high dry matter content, which make it suitable for preparation of juices and purees.

Contact: Dr. Mariana Radkova

e-mail: marianaradkova@yahoo.com;  abi@abi.bg

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